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3 Steps to Reduce Risk of Acquiring Melanoma

There are instances when seemingly innocent moles turn into serious cancer called Melanoma. It’s a type of skin cancer which involves melanocytes, or the pigment-producing cells of your skin. Thing is, this kind of skin cancer could be acquired because of certain factors that people regularly use. Thus, you should know how to reduce your chance of having it, or visit a skin care expert to help you. If you’re in Brisbane, you can consult reliable skin doctor Brisbane has today. After all, Queensland is one of the places with the highest rates of skin cancer worldwide, thus it’s better to safe whilst early.


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How to Reduce Your Chance of Acquiring Melanoma

To help you avoid acquiring melanoma, here are 3 points you can keep in mind:

1.Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Always remember that too much exposure to ultraviolet rays is very dangerous. It can trigger the growth of cancer cells on your skin and can cause some other health issues as well.

This makes it important to always cover yourself when you go out under the sun, or consider using sunblock. Moreover, make it a habit to go under shady spots as much as possible.

You should also quit using tanning beds and sunlamps. Although many advertise those stuff as safe to use, they can actually cause cancer cells to grow.

If you think something is wrong with your skin, don’t hesitate to Google about “skin check near me”. Skin doctors can also suggest you more ways to protect yourself from UV rays.

2. Be Cautious of Irregular Moles

Monitor your moles, and be cautious of those that change from time to time. For instance, look for those that have different shades of colours, and those that have asymmetrical shapes.

Moles larger than 15cm in diameter are also a big red flag.

If you’re in Brisbane and you spot moles with such appearance on your skin, consult skin doctor Brisbane residents trust right away. Always remember that early intervention does wonders for cancer patients.

3. Keep Your Immune System on Top Condition

Cancer cells flourish when a person has a weak immune system. Thus, it’s best if you’d keep your immune system up at all times, by taking proper vitamins and minerals.

You can also visit experts that could help you monitor your overall health, which includes your immune system. Say, you’re a lady and you wish to keep your immune system in good shape, consider consulting a womens health doctor for best advice.

If you’d keep your immune system strong, you can have a good defence not only against cancer but also from a wide range of health threats.

These are the big steps you can do to reduce your risk of acquiring melanoma. Of course, consulting a skin care expert is still the best choice. Fortunately, that should not be a problem for Australians, since you can avail bulk billed skin check from the right expert.

Finally, if you’re having a hard time finding the best doctor to visit in Brisbane, you can check for reliable skin doctor Brisbane has now. Check their website or visit their clinics, and avail of the skin care service you need.

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