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Choosing an Aged Care Facility in Melbourne: Making Visits a Lot Easier

Moving into an aged care facility in Melbourne is a big transition for new residents as well as for their family. Entrusting your aging loved one to strangers isn’t easy. Plus, your elderly relative has to adjust to new surroundings and new people.

While it can be a scary move, you should trust that you have made the right decision to move your older family member into an aged care facility so that they can receive the best possible care.

Of course, it goes without saying that you can be more at ease when you know you picked the best aged care facility in Melbourne for your loved one. Plus, if you choose a residential aged care facility within the city, it can be easier for you to visit.

Ensuring that you will be able to visit an aging relative as frequently as possible is essential both for you and your relative who is a resident.

Importance of Visiting Aging Loved Ones in Aged Care Facilities

One reason why some older people don’t want to be placed in an aged care facility is the thought of “being dumped and forgotten”. Sadly, this is a reality for some aging residents.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

It is understandable that sometimes, life just gets in the way. Inserting a visit to senior loved ones has to be postponed repeatedly.

If they live in a residential facility which is far, visits become even more challenging.

But if they lived in an aged care facility in Melbourne, it can be a lot easier to make visits a more frequent activity since they are just within the city. And this is beneficial for you and your elderly relative. See more at Arcare

Some of the important reasons to visit your older loved ones in aged care facilities include:

– It provides them with something to look forward to and brightens up their day.

– It allows you to closely monitor the quality of care that they are receiving.

– It keeps them connected to their family, friends, and community and helps them avoid loneliness and depression.

– It gives you the opportunity to spend time and create more memories with them.

Making the Most of Each Visit

Do your best to establish a regular visiting schedule. This gives your older loved ones something to look forward to and allows you to plan for your visits.

Make sure to ask them when they prefer visits since they may have certain schedules or activities already in place.

Here are other tips to make sure you make the most of each visit:

– Take them out if the weather is good and if they are in the mood or condition to go out. If your loved one is staying in one of the Dementia care facilities or other residences which provide special care, you can arrange with the staff in case you require a carer or nurse to accompany you.

– Celebrate special occasions with them. Make use of a private room at the residence. Arcare aged care facilities, for instance, have private dining rooms where residents can share meals with their family or friends.

– Join them in one of their crafts class or in an activity which they enjoy doing at the residence.

What is most important is you spend the time doing something which your aging loved one enjoys.

Find Aged Care Facilities Near You

Thankfully, finding a facility which provides aged care services in Melbourne is as easy as searching for “aged care facilities near me” on the web. The difficult part is choosing which facility is best for your relative.

Arcare has several aged care facilities in Melbourne. Here are some of them:

Brighton Aged Care

58 Cochrane Street, Brighton

Burnside Aged Care

2 Nicol Avenue, Burnside

Carnegie Aged Care

47 Rosanna Street, Carnegie

You can go to for more information on Arcare’s aged care services and facilities.

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