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Stay in the Newest Hotel a Stone’s Throw from Bangkok’s All Seasons Building

Tourists, especially those that need to intermingle business and pleasure will all agree that location is the most important criteria when looking for a hotel. The AETAS, situated in the perfect location in the hub of Bangkok’s most popular district is also one hotel near All Seasons building in the city. It offers the perfect combination of good location and the most comfortable and luxurious amenities and services.

What most travellers however need and get are always two opposite ends of the spectrum, with those wanting convenient or close proximity to business and shopping hubs often compromising on comfort and peace. However, this is not something that visitors to this new ultra modern yet elegantly refined new hotel near All Seasons building have to endure. From the perfectly decorated reception area with its eager hotel staff waiting to see to your every need; to the quiet tranquillity of each hotel room, the AETAS gives guest the heart of the city with the quietness of the countryside.

Comfort is a key feature and one can certainly enjoy the Bangkok city skyline and possibly be able to spot the iconic 34 storey landmark, which many tourists have come to know, from their hotel room window. Particularly, as this hotel near All Seasons building has full views out of almost every window in their hotel suites.

When it comes to being spoilt for choice, this hotel has a wide array of suites that range from basic rooms that still offer ultimate luxury to their ultra luxurious rooms that are fit for a king and queen!

Business meetings have never been easier than booking and using the hotel’s onsite conference facilities. Additionally, everyone will be able to impress potential clients by treating them to a business lunch or dinner at the top class hotel restaurant. To truly seal any business deal one can book a relaxing spa treatment for clients that will certainly make them forget they even needed to make any serious business decisions but will definitely put one’s best foot forward.

So regardless of the reasoning behind your stay at this new hotel with its friendly staff members, spacious rooms and added extra luxuries that come as a standard feature, don’t delay booking your Bangkok stay at the one hotel that truly offers it all in one amazing package; call directly or go to to ensure that you are not left holed up in a hotel that gives you a central location, but where the noise of the city follows you to your room.

Give your holiday or business trip in Bangkok the best opportunity of success and book at AETAS today; your convenient inner city luxury with all the bells and whistles attached. Don’t wait till the last minute as this popular hotel is ideally located and will very quickly end up fully booked once tourists discover how convenient getting to and from their favourite shopping centres it is from this modern unique hotel. A visit to their website will quickly have everyone heading to Bangkok to experience all the city has to offer!

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